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A Look at The Agricultural Tyre

Agricultural Tyres

An agricultural tyre is very different to a standard road tyre, because it obviously has a different job to do. Even within the field of agriculture tyres can vary greatly, depending on their intended use. These differences can often make farm tyres hard to obtain, particularly for older vehicles and machinery. The good news is, Fieldens OTR can provide a solution, so read on if you’d like to learn more.

How are OTR tyres different?

Off the Road tyres are generally much bigger and stronger than ordinary tyres. But this is simply because the loads they carry are often large and heavy. The real difference with agriculture tyres is related to the tread. These are tyres that will be working on a variety of different terrains, and the tread is critical to their efficiency.

Although there are a number of variations, the three basic tread types are regular, deep and extra-deep. These are specifically designed for work on different surfaces, from muddy fields to hard earth and rock. Thicker treads have greater resistance to cuts and wear, while a block pattern tread is better suited to soft ground.

Wear and tear

Despite its robust construction, an agricultural tyre is not immune to wear and damage. This deterioration is made worse by the fact that the land they work on is often harsh and unforgiving.

When the tyres on your car become worn, you replace them. It’s exactly the same with agricultural vehicles, where safety and efficiency is paramount. When an agricultural tyre becomes too worn or damaged it needs to be replaced.

Older agricultural vehicles

Agricultural vehicles and machinery can be very expensive to buy new. For that reason, it’s common for people within the industry to buy older vehicles at auction. The equipment is still in good working order, but is much more affordable for smaller farms working to a budget.

However, replacing tyres on a vehicle that may no longer be in production can be a problem. This puts many farmers in a difficult position. On the one hand, buying older second-hand equipment is far more cost-effective for the business. But if you can’t get replacement tyres for your vehicles, you’re not going to be able to use them.

This is where Fieldens OTR can step in and save the day.

Agricultural tyre specialists

At Fieldens OTR we have years of experience in the production of bespoke wheels and tyres for agriculture and industry. We provide high quality custom tyres, and can even foam fill them to prolong their life.

We can adjust designs and tread patterns, widths and heights, to produce the tyres that perfectly suit your needs. You can now buy second-hand or auctioned vehicles with confidence, secure in the knowledge that we can supply replacement tyres.

For more information or advice on a particular type of wheel or tyre, get in touch with us today.