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Industrial Tyre and Wheel Package Deal

Industrial Tyre Manufacturers

Industrial vehicles and machines are built to last over many years. Wheels and tyres in particular need to be extremely tough and durable. However, at some point these parts will need replacing, and if they are an older model this can prove difficult. The manufacturer may have stopped making your specific model or may have ceased production altogether. Rather than upgrading your vehicle, there are services available that make bespoke parts for your model. Therefore, a service that supplies bespoke tyre and wheel packages for a range of vehicles is crucial for anyone in the agricultural or industrial sector. Here are some benefits of tyre and wheel packages and what you can use them for.

Benefits of Tyre and Wheel Package Deals

    • Over time even the most robust and reliable vehicles will need replacement parts. Wheels and tyres in particular undergo a lot of wear and tear and will eventually need to be replaced. Unfortunately, over time older models and wheel types become less supported, and finding parts can become a hassle. However, bespoke wheel and tyre services help ensure you always have the replacement parts you need when you need them.


    • If your vehicle is still working well despite the need for new wheels or tyres, then having to upgrade to an entirely new model is not the most efficient or cost effective solution. Bespoke wheels will extend your vehicle’s lifespan considerably, saving you a lot of funds.


    • Being able to purchase bespoke tyre and wheel deals means that you do not have to increase overheads associated with purchasing newer models. This will help save you a lot of money in the long term.


    • By using our expert services you can be sure that we will find the wheel and tyre solution that is most appropriate for your type of vehicle. As not all vehicles are built the same, it is crucial that you use a service that can offer the right fit for your vehicle.


Bespoke Vehicle Solutions

We can supply tyre and wheel package deals for a wide range of commercial vehicle types:

  • Agricultural vehicles such as tractors, hay tedders and bale machinery.
  • Industrial vehicles such as fork lifts, telehandlers and dump trucks.
  • Utility vehicles such as mowers, tool carriers and service vehicles.
  • Light transportation options such as trolleys and wheelbarrows.
  • High tech specialised vehicles used in industry and agriculture.

Plus many other types of agricultural and industrial vehicles.

Fieldens OTR

Here at Fieldens OTR we work directly with you to find the bespoke solution for your vehicle needs. We consider all aspects of your vehicle and with state of the art tools will develop the tyre and wheel package that works best for you. We have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry and consider no task too large or difficult when it comes to bespoke wheels and tyres. To find out more about our agricultural wheel rims we invite you to get in touch with us today.