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Fieldens OTR is a leading steel wheel manufacturer for the construction, industrial and agricultural sectors. These industries create unique challenges for the wheels and tyres of large working vehicles. It’s our mission here at Fieldens to meet those challenges head on and find a way to overcome them.

Expertise and Service

Our long experience in the business has given us a solid understanding of the problems some of our customers face. That helps us to work with them to find the solutions that will best suit their needs. Because we’re also a tyre manufacturer, we can offer bespoke options to suit a wide range of requirements.

We’re proud of our reputation for skill and expertise as a wheel and tyre manufacturer. But we also work hard to back that up with the quality of the service we offer our customers. If you’re looking for a business you can trust, read on to learn more about how Fieldens OTR can help.

Our Tyres

Experts in Tyres and Wheels

Large working vehicles come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. This can create an issue for their users when they need to find replacement wheels. To help resolve these issues, Fieldens OTR developed a wheel manufacturing and distribution division.


Manufacturing products at our own site allows us to specialise in customised items. Because we’re not limited by standard sizes and fittings, wheels can be adapted to perfectly suit your needs.

Perfect Finish

Smart looking vehicles can reflect a company’s professional image, and with a large fleet, visual coordination is often key. At our manufacturing site we can offer painting and shot blasting, complementing quality with stylish appearance.

The Right Wheels for the Job

As well as being a steel wheel manufacturer in our own right, we work closely with other leading manufacturers. By combining our expertise we can find solutions to the most challenging of problems.

Fine Detail

When manufacturing bespoke wheels, every detail is considered. For example, adding width to a wheel can alter its position in relation to the axel hub. All such changes are carefully taken into account.

About Us

Tyre Manufacturer

With our own manufacturing division, we are able to offer a bespoke service for industrial and agricultural tyres. Working with some of the leading tyre brands, we can also modify tyres in-house to precise specifications.

The Right Tread

Vehicles in construction, industry and agriculture work on a variety of different surfaces, and the right tyre tread is critical. To meet these needs, the height and width of tread patterns can be adjusted to suit specific tasks.

Strength and Durability

Modern vehicles are carrying bigger and heavier loads, and as a tyre manufacturer we’ve adapted accordingly. If you need bigger tyres we can make them, and if you need them stronger we can reinforce them. We can also provide different valve types and rim profiles to exactly suit your needs.

If you’d like to know more about the services we offer, contact us today for further information or helpful advice.

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