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Steel Wheel Manufacturers & Distribution Service

In order to fulfil the individual needs and purposes of each order, Fieldens OTR has developed a wheel manufacturing and distribution division. Through this section of our business, we are able to truly specialise our products for any purpose, whether agricultural or leisure. Our team have plenty of industry experience and are happy to talk to you about your needs and requirements. Having our own manufacturing division allows us more freedom in the service that we provide, as we can fully customise our tyres and wheels to fulfil the requirements needed. By manufacturing the products at our own site, we are not limited by standard fittings and sizes, being able to adjust and specify every aspect of our designs.

At Fieldens OTR we are able to exactly create the perfect tyres and wheels to your specifications with our manufacturing facilities. We are able to enhance and adjust the width and design of tyres, ensuring that the best possible fit, considering any positional changes that will then be caused. We understand that the function is just as important as the fit of your tyres, with varying valve guards, reinforcements, thicknesses and rim profiles being available and adjustable by us to ensure that your tyres will fulfil their role and have as long a lifetime as possible.

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Meeting The Many Requirements of Agricultural and Construction Vehicles

We are constantly evolving to the requirements of modern tyres and wheels, understanding that more complex solutions are needed for tyres, requiring a bespoke touch to maximise their function. Tyres now increasingly require more strength, to meet the demands for speed and load needed for high levels of productivity. We are also able to examine the traction and flexion required by each tyre, adjusting our designs accordingly, always putting the customer’s needs first and never cutting corners with our work. Tread patterns, heights, widths and varying tyre brands will be explored at our workshop with the ultimate goal of delivering the perfect product.

Our team is well experienced in the creation of bespoke tyres and wheels, having many years in the industry, across which we have delivered many perfect solutions and solving many complex problems. At Fieldens OTR, we are happy to advise and discuss any issue or problem that needs to be solved, relishing the opportunity to provide a high-quality, dedicated service to our customers.

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As well as manufacturing, are workshop is also able to provide you with the perfect design and finish, to keep your bespoke products in the same style as the rest of your fleet, or to your requests. We are able to offer painting and shot-blasting for our products, providing you with a long-lasting, durable and stylish finish to your wheels.

As an established, trusted brand in the agricultural wheel market, our products and customer service are our reputation. By having our own distribution centre, we are able to easily ship your orders to you, wherever in the country you may be! If you are local to us, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs, providing you with a fitting service to ensure that the wheels are optimised for your vehicle, with any other potential issues being monitored closely by our expert team. No job is too big or too small; give us a call or send us a message using the form below today.

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