Punctures! There is no bigger waste of time on any site yet many operators continue to put up with them.

Fieldens Rely® tyrefill gives the same ride and performance as an air-filled tyre but eliminates punctures and under-inflation problems.

Rely® is a liquid compound that cures to a soft rubber core within 24hrs making the tyre nail, glass even bullet proof! Unlike many other tyre treatments, Rely® filled tyres are inflated to the tyre manufacturers recommended operating pressure providing a comfortable ride, optimal grip and maximum life.

The pressure remains constant for the life of the tyre and it may be operated at speeds of 55 mph for up to two hours in an eight hour period or 35mph continuously.

Assuming the casing is in good condition the tyre may even be re-treaded. Rely® provides a soft resilient inner core giving the same ride and performance as an air filled tyre and may be used on sizes from 400 X 8 implement up to 39 x 59.5 earthmover.

Rely® is ideal for dock & airport handling, amenity and local authority operations, forestry, industrial, demolition and waste disposal sites.

To calculate the cost effectiveness of tyre fill, simply add the cost of punctures over the life of a tyre to the cost of lost productivity and the hassle factor then contact Fieldens OTR for a quote!