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Our Tyre Filling Solution

The most prevalent and irritating issue for tyres is punctures. Where a tyre is filled with air, a puncture can occur to stop your tyre, and machine, from functioning.

Punctures not only impede the operational safety of your machines, but they also waste valuable time and money in repairs! Punctures can sometimes seem like an unavoidable issue, simply a part of tyre maintenance and upkeep. Many operators continue to tolerate these punctures as an expected loss, but at Fieldens OTR, we have a better solution to this problem: Tyrefill.

TyreFill Anti Puncture Liquid

Fieldens Polycoat Tyrefill will eliminate the issue of punctures, as well as under-inflation, while maintaining the smoothness and performance of a standard air-filled tyre.

Polycoat is a liquid compound that settles within 24 hours to form a soft rubber core, this will fill your tyres. The rubber core will allow far more resilience and endurance than air-filled tyres, being nail, glass and even bullet proof. Numerous other tyre-filling agents will require pressure settings that are not optimal for the tyre, however, with Polycoat the tyre can be fully inflated to the manufacturer’s specified operational pressure, ensuring no compromises are made with the grip and comfort of the ride. These features allow for Polycoat to maximise the working life of your tyres.

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The benefits of Tyrefill

Unlike standard air-filled tyres, Polycoat ensures that there is no reduction in tyre pressure across the lifetime of the tyre. The filled tyres will be operational for speeds up to 55mph for up to two hours across an eight-hour period, or for 35mph continuous use. The filled tyre can also be re-treaded, provided the casing is in a good condition, further increasing the longevity of your machines. The size range of the Polycoat is 400×8 implements up to a 39×59.5 earthmover tyre, with a resilient and soft inner core.

Polycoat is the perfect solution for many professional services, such as: Dock and airport handling, amenity and local authority operations, forestry, industrial demolition and waste disposal. Each of these applications would be wasting time and money dealing with punctures and repairs; Polycoat gives a reassurance that your resources will be used for tasks that are essential. Vehicle downtime will be greatly reduced and there would be a lower possibility of overtime being required for your workers to complete the tasks they need to.

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Enjoy peace of mind for your tyres

With Fieldens Polycoat Tyrefill, you will have the peace of mind that your tyres will last and maximise their lifetimes and performance. We have worked hard on this solution to ensure that we can continue to provide quality service, from creating your bespoke tyres, to supporting their longevity and beyond.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote and a chat with our team to see how Polycoat can help you in your business or personal vehicles, we will be happy to help you calculate the pricing comparisons between using Polycoat or dealing with punctures. From smaller tyres all the way up to large agricultural purposes, we are confident in Polycoat being the ideal solution in the fight against punctures. All our contact information can be found at the “Contact Us” page and we will be able to give you a quote, or you can send us a message using the form below.

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