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Our Filling Solution

If you’ve never considered tyre filling as an option, we would encourage you to read on and discover more. For those in agriculture, construction and heavy industry, the cost of vehicle tyres can be extremely high. Replacements and repairs can eat into your budget, causing machinery downtime that you really don’t need.

But there is another solution. It’s highly effective and can save you money, and you’ll find it here at Fieldens OTR. We’ve been supplying superior quality tyres and wheels in Suffolk for many years, and our experience is hard to match. One of the specialist services we offer is tyre filling, so let us explain a little more about it.

TyreFill Anti Puncture Liquid

Fieldens Polycoat Tyrefill will eliminate the issue of punctures, as well as under-inflation, while maintaining the smoothness and performance of a standard air-filled tyre.

Polycoat is a liquid compound that settles within 24 hours to form a soft rubber core, this will fill your tyres. The rubber core will allow far more resilience and endurance than air-filled tyres, being nail, glass and even bullet proof. Numerous other tyre-filling agents will require pressure settings that are not optimal for the tyre, however, with Polycoat the tyre can be fully inflated to the manufacturer’s specified operational pressure, ensuring no compromises are made with the grip and comfort of the ride. These features allow for Polycoat to maximise the working life of your tyres.

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The Benefits of Tyrefill

One of the key benefits of a solid tyre is the fact that it’s impossible to puncture. This is a huge advantage for farming and construction, where difficult terrain can be an issue.

Because the performance of the tyre is maintained, tyre filling offers both peace of mind and smooth operation. Anti-puncture liquid and tyre sealant liquid certainly have their uses. But filled tyres offer a much more efficient and long-term solution to punctures.

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A Different Option

Tyre filling essentially consists of filling a damaged tyre with a liquid compound instead of air. Over a period of 24 hours the liquid sets to form a solid but flexible rubber core.

Here at Fieldens we use Polycoat Tyrefill, which allows the tyre to be filled to the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure. That means the solid tyre will provide the same function and performance as an air-filled tyre.

The Costs

The cost of filling a tyre is largely dependent on the size of the wheel involved. The price is typically based on the amount of compound used to fill the tyre. In other words, the larger the wheel, the higher the cost will be.

However, because the tyres can’t be punctured, the risk of downtime for vehicles and machinery is reduced. That means problems such as stony ground and the wrong tyre pressure can be eradicated. In industries where time is money, this can translate into considerable cost savings.

New and Old Tyres

The tyre filling process is highly effective on new tyres, where the tread will generally be in good repair. However, it’s unlikely that all your vehicles will have brand new tyres in place.

But another advantage of tyre filling is that it can be used on older tyres if the tread is still viable. Even tyres where the tread is worn down can be filled and re-treaded, if the casing is in good condition.

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