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Turf Tyres

Looking for tyres that can handle rough terrain and care for your grass? Our tyres are made just for that – tough on the job and gentle on the landscape.

Tractor With Turf Wheels
Turf Tyres On A Tractor

Specialised Tyres for Rought Terrains

We offer tyres designed for lawn tractors and mowers used on uneven grounds. These are built to handle tough conditions without damaging the landscape.

For those who need to mow in challenging environments with mud, dirt, or uneven surfaces, our tyres are equipped with features for enhanced grip and extended durability.

For anyone working on hilly or complex landscapes, our tyres come with reinforced sidewalls and deep treads for improved traction and resistance to punctures.

Regardless of the specific requirements for mowing on difficult terrains, we have tyres that provide good performance and longevity, all while helping to preserve the terrain.

Grass and Turf Mowing Tyres

Our range includes tyres for various types of mowers, from small machines to larger equipment used in professional landscaping. Their design distributes the machine’s weight evenly, to avoid leaving marks or damage, ensuring they hold up well with regular use.

We offer options that are effective for lawn care, offering reliability and longer service life. If you’re looking for the right tyres for your mowing tasks and care for turf, we can help you find a suitable solution.

Bespoke Turf Tyres

Why Choose Us?

With decades of experience, we understand the specific needs of different turf types and vehicles. This allows us to provide highly customised tyre recommendations tailored to your specific vehicles, turf types and maintenance needs.

We select tyres that offer the right balance of ground pressure, traction, load capacity, and durability for your equipment. If you’re looking for tyres tailored to your needs, we have the right options for you.

Agricultural Dumper With Turf Tyres
A Row Of Tractors

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To find out more about how we can best serve you, or to request a quote, please contact us online or via phone today on 01449 675071. In addition, feel free to view the sections of our website to find out more about our individual services. You can also check out our blog, where we will be sharing all the latest news and developments.

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