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Flotation wheels sometimes referred to as float wheels, are a specialised type of tire designed to prevent agricultural vehicles and equipment from compacting soft ground or getting stuck in muddy conditions. The increased floatation and lower ground pressure are essential for many farmers, allowing them to safely access and work fields with minimal impact on soil quality.

Floatmaster Flotation Tyre
Floatmaster Flotation Wheel

How Flotation Wheels Work

Unlike standard rubber tractor tires, flotation wheels have a much larger surface area contacting the ground. They distribute heavy equipment loads over this larger footprint, resulting in lower ground pressure. The more widely spaced contact points prevent concentrated downward forces so vehicles don’t sink in as much when crossing cultivated land.

These tires also have more flexible sidewalls and tread blocks that can adapt to uneven terrain. The added flex helps maintain traction on hills, curves and loose soil where regular tires might spin out.

Protecting Soil Integrity

Excessive compaction of cropland from heavy machinery traffic can harm soil structure and fertility. It reduces water infiltration and permeability while restricting root penetration for crops. Flotation innovation helps address this issue through lower ground pressure, better weight displacement and traction that avoids spinning in place.

Farmers use these tires so critical field development tasks like tilling, planting, spraying and transport cause significantly less long-term damage to the growing environment their livelihoods depend on. When soils get severely compacted, it can take years to regain normal productivity without major remediation efforts.

Increasing Access Across More Conditions

Another key benefit of agricultural flotation designs is that they expand operational windows for critical machinery. Fields become accessible 30% to 60% sooner after significant rainfall events compared to standard wheels. Work can often proceed non-stop through moderate precipitation when using optimised tire setups and inflation pressures.

This means farmers can plant, nurture and harvest crops more consistently despite increased rainfall variability from climate change. Most flotation packages enable over 20% higher traction through extremes like snow, mud or rapid spring thaw periods. The ability to operate safely across more adverse settings prevents costly downtime given short planting seasons.

Floatmaster Tyre

Why Choose Us?

Our flotation wheels, sized between 4 inches to 54 inches will help you reduce the impact on your fields by spreading the weight of your machinery over a larger surface area. This decreases soil compaction and maintains the integrity of your land, which is crucial for long-term productivity.

These wheels provide a unique solution to many of the problems you might face in the field. With over 60 years of combined experience, Fieldens OTR can help you identify and choose the right type of wheels for your requirements. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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