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Navigating a sprayer between rows without damaging your crops can be extremely challenging. The standard wheels on most sprayers today simply aren’t designed for between-row operation. Rowcrop wheels are engineered for pinpoint accuracy between crop rows. They allow you to spray efficiently without waste while protecting your crop health and yield.

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With Rowcrop wheels, you get:

  • Precision Movement: Our narrow tires are optimised for manoeuvring between crop rows, applying chemicals right on target while preventing crop damage.
  • Machinery Adaptability: We offer Rowcrop wheels sized specifically to fit all the major sprayer models on the market. Upgrade your existing equipment instead of replacing it.
  • Reduced Chemical Waste: Get precise application directly to the crops that need it. Our customers report 25-30% or more in chemical savings.
  • Durable Construction: With rugged pneumatic tires and sturdy structural steel rims, our Rowcrop wheels are made for the toughest field terrain and years of use.

Which Rowcrop wheels do you need?

  1. Sprayer Compatibility: It’s essential to pair your sprayer with compatible Rowcrop wheels and tyres. We’ll help you understand your machinery’s specifications and guide you towards the products that match these parameters.
  2. Endurance: The various challenges and conditions presented by different farm terrains require durable wheels and tyres. Our team will ensure you’re aware of all the durability traits of our products, assisting you in selecting wheels and tyres that can truly stand the test of time and terrain.
  3. Impact on Soil: Precision is not the only factor to consider. We also focus on how wheels and tyres can impact soil compaction, as this directly influences soil health and crop growth. We’ll explain how different product choices can impact soil compaction, guiding you towards a decision that supports the health and yield of your crops.
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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can provide any further support, clarification, or information you might need. For performance you can rely on season after season, we can recommend Rowcrop wheels that match your operation.

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