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Why Filling Tyres with Foam Can Save You Money

Tyre Filling

If you work in the industrial or agricultural sectors then you will know just how annoying punctured tyres can be. Vehicle and machine shutdowns due to tyre punctures is inconvenient to say the least. In addition, this can prove costly both in terms of repairs and lost production time. The best solution to this issue is by filling tyres with foam. Foam not only helps prevent punctures from occurring but also increases the lifespan of tyres. With all that in mind let us look at why Tyrefill is the best option for filling tyres with foam.

How Tyrefill Works

TyreFill is made from Polycoat, a liquid compound that sets within 24 hours to create a soft rubber substance. When filling tyres with foam the TyreFill will not only eliminate the risk of punctures and under-inflation but also maintain the tyre’s smoothness and performance. The TyreFill helps create a resilient core that can endure even the sharpest and most jagged surfaces and conditions. It can also handle much heavier loads than the average tyre. You will find that using TyreFill will give you a tyre that will last much longer than normal, is safer, and ultimately free of blowouts.

Benefits of Filling Tyres with Foam

    • Filling tyres with foam ensures that they will be fully puncture proof and free from loss of pressure. The TyreFill creates a solid core that helps retain the usability and integrity of your tyre.


    • Tyres filled with TyreFill last much longer than your average tyre can, even in the most extreme conditions. No matter how much they carry or how rough the surface, your tyres will perform at their best for a long time to come.


    • Without the risk of punctures, your filled tyres will ensure there is less costly downtime on site. You can be reassured that work will be completed on time and within budget without the risk of overtime due to delays.


    • Another crucial benefit of filling tyres with TyreFill is that they improve safety on site. With the risk of punctures comes the risk of accidents. With TyreFill you can be certain that there is no risk to your workers, vehicles or machinery.


  • Punctures can be very costly due to the repairs involved and loss of production time. If these happen regularly then the costs build up very quickly. TyreFill ensures that you will not be forced to pay for repairs and downtime, keeping overall costs much lower.

TyreFill Solutions at Fieldens OTR

At Fieldens OTR we offer a range of tyre and wheel services to clients throughout the UK. We have been serving customers since the early 1980s and pride ourselves on our excellent knowledge and customer service. We can offer you TyreFill services that will prove a much less costly solution long term than replacing tyres. To find out about our tyre filling services send us a message online or call our friendly team via phone. For high quality foam that will keep your tyres long lasting and puncture free contact Fieldens OTR today.